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Monday, 9 March 2015

Urine Leakage Bladder Surgery in India at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai

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Urine leakage incontinence bladder surgery in India is available at an affordable price rate. Bladder surgery in India is being performed with the most advanced surgical facilities. Urinary incontinence refers to the leakage of urinary bladder due to which a person feels frequent need to urinate. In many cases it causes much loss of the contents of the urinary bladder or causes a minor leakage. This condition lasts temporarily or permanently resting on its chief cause.

Incontinence can occur due to variety of health ailments like kidney stones, enlarged prostate gland or cancer. With the aging process the muscles of the urinary bladder get weakened due to which it starts leaking. The condition of incontinence bladder affects people having age above 50 years however anyone can become a victim of this disorder. If incontinence interferes with daily life causing embarrassment then the patient should quickly consult a doctor.

There are different kinds of urine leakage incontinence that are being discussed below:-
  • Stress incontinence : This is the most common kind of urine incontinence. This disease is found especially in women who have recently attained pregnancy or have undergone a menopause. Stress incontinence occurs when the muscles of the urinary bladder get weakened. Due to weakening of bladder muscles stress is caused on the urinary bladder when one drinks plenty of water or fluids. Stress incontinence is caused due to laughing, sneezing and heavy lifting. The amount of urine leakage rests on the amount of water or liquid present in the urinary bladder and strength of the muscles. Among men stress incontinence is caused due to pressure on the prostate gland.  
  • Overflow incontinence : This type of incontinence is commonly found in men who suffer from problems of the damaged bladder, blocked urethra and the prostate gland. The enlargement of prostate gland blocks the bladder. Due to this reason the patient urinates in small breaks yet he needs to go to the bathroom more frequently. The patient of overflow incontinence feels that his bladder is not empty that’s why he feels the urge to urinate frequently.
  • Mixed incontinence : When the patient experiences symptoms of more than one kind of urinary incontinence then it is known as mixed incontinence. Mixed incontinence is commonly found in aged women.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Fibroid Surgery in India at a Low Cost by Multitalented Surgeons

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The medical infrastructure and surgical technology at Indian hospitals is at par with that seen in the USA, Canada and European countries. Fibroid surgery in India is one of the most common treatments that is undertaken by medical tourists coming from abroad destinations. The exalted quality amenities of low cost fibroid surgery provided at Indian hospitals at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore are beneficial to all patients. 

Moreover the sky rocketing medical costs and non availability of quick medical appointments in foreign destinations are helping in the fast growth of Indian healthcare sector and medical tourism industry. India is well set to grab the golden opportunity of treating abroad patients through its affordable price quotes and well trained surgeons that are generally preferred by medical tourists.  

The hospitals of India have plenty of trained and qualified doctors, compassionate nurses and hard working paramedical staff. The world class medical infrastructure and facilities of treating uterine fibroids is well favoured by less cost travelling expenses and first class boarding facilities at luxurious hotels in India. The cost of medical treatment is quite less when compared to developed western destinations. It is very cheap and in this way the economy of Indian hospitals functions. 

Uterine fibroids are also known as myomas or fibromyomas. These are non cancerous tumours that grow on the muscular walls of the uterus. Nearly 25% women who are close to bearing a child suffer from uterine fibroids. Many other women have fibroids and do not show any symptoms or problems yet medical treatment becomes essential for them.

The size of uterine fibroids ranges from a small coin to a big melon. A large sized uterine fibroid can compel the uterus to expand to the size of a pregnancy of six to seven months. There can be either one large fibroid or a cluster of numerous small uterine fibroids. The most common symptoms of uterine fibroids are prolonged and heavy menstrual cycles, pain in the legs and back portion, pain and pressure in the pelvis, pain at the time of having sexual intercourse, pressure on the bowel to constipate and pressure on the bladder to urinate constantly.

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