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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Where to Get the Best Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Surgery India?

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The tubal ligation is considered as a permanent method for birth control in which the Fallopian tubes are cut or blocked to prevent pregnancy by blocking the egg’s path to the sperm and uterus. The laparoscopy makes it possible to see and do the surgery via small incisions made in the abdomen. The candidates for this surgery are those women who are looking for a permanent form of birth control. This surgical procedure is very effective at preventing pregnancy by making a woman sterile and has a failure rate as low as 0.4%.

Best Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Surgery India
During a best laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery the surgeon makes two small incisions one in or just below the belly button or navel and one at the upper edge of the pubic hair. The abdominal cavity where the reproductive organs are, is inflated with air or a harmless gas so that the surgeon can see and avoid injuring abdominal organs or the inside of the abdomen.
Why India for Best Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Surgery?
India offers the best laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery which is performed by the highly qualified surgeons at the top hospitals using latest techniques and modern equipments. Indian Medguru Consultants is a leading medical travel partner assisting the overseas patients seeking best laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery in India. As per the recent studies the tubal ligation surgery has a success rate of over 99 percent and this depends on many factors such as the surgeon’s experience, patient’s age and the type of procedures being performed.
There are a number of procedures to perform a tubal ligation surgery including the laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery in which the surgeon cuts or blocks the Fallopian tubes. This process involves the surgeon making two small incisions on the abdomen, inserting a lighted instrument called a laparoscope into one and a cutting instrument into the other. Then the surgeon looks through the laparoscope to position the cutting instrument properly and then cuts through each tubes. The best laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Other types of procedures include the mini laparotomy and the open tubal ligation surgery.
Why Foreign Patients Choose India for Best Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Surgery?
India is among the world’s top five medical tourism destinations offering the most attractive opportunities for the foreign patients seeking laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery. We have world class infrastructures equipped with modern instruments and technology that offers highest quality and affordability of medical care to the overseas patients. One of the great advantages of receiving highest quality medical treatment in India which is at ease with which the appointments for treatment can be arranged. Indian hospitals have numerous operating theaters and have enough qualified surgeons with vast experience. Additionally the waiting time is less as compared to that in the developed countries.
India offers low cost laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery by providing quick and professional healthcare service to the international patients. the hospitals have the most advanced medical outsourcing facilities in the world with specific programs designed carefully to attract the medical tourists seeking laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery. the cost of the laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery in India is much lower as compared to the cost in the US and the UK. The low cost surgery does not mean that they compromise on the quality of treatment instead Indian hospitals are renowned to offer highest quality treatment at affordable prices.
Why Choose Indian Medguru Consultants for Best Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Surgery?
You can plan the best laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery with Indian Medguru Consultants, a leading medical travel partner assisting foreign patients seeking affordable surgery. All you have to do is send us a detailed query regarding the laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery to get it done in India. Within 48 hours our patient coordinator will contact you and answer all your queries and worries about the laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery in India. We will help you with your medical visas, arrangement of flight ticket bookings from your requested airports, etc. Our representatives will also discuss your preferred budget for treatment, time and date of departure as well as complete all the other necessary arrangements on your behalf.  Our group ensures to arrange you with a comfortable, convenient and hassle free travel as well your overall medical trip to India.
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Monday, 18 December 2017

Where Can I Find Doctors and Hospitals in Bangalore for Varicocele Surgery?

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Varicocele Surgery Bangalore: Overview

Varicocele Surgery Bangalore is done by the doctors and surgeons who use their skills with great proficiency at the top hospital in Bangalore. The surgery for Varicocele repair is simple and straightforward procedure in which doctors repair the varicocele they find in infertile men following the dictum. This surgery is better to do something instead of doing nothing. The varicocele surgery Bangalore may result in an improvement in the sperm count and motility in around 30 percent of patients. Also the pregnancy rates are in the range of 15 percent of patients who have had varicocele repair alone.

Find doctors and hospital in Bangalore for varicocele surgery

Success rate of Varicocele Surgery Bangalore

The success rate of varicocele surgery Bangalore is around 95 percent which is good. Around 70 percent of men have reported improvement in the sperm parameters for the varicocele surgery in Bangalore.

Need Appointment with Specialist in Varicocele Surgery Bangalore

If you need appointment with specialist in varicocele surgery Bangalore, contact the following doctors:

1. Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh

Senior Consultant pediatric urologist and Managing Director at NU Hospitals, Bangalore Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh has been practicing pediatric urology since 2003. The NU hospital is the first stand alone urology hospital in India that has achieved the dual distinction of being both the NABH and NABL accreditation. His interests include pediatric urolithiasis or stone disease both the minimally invasive urologic surgery and the metabolic evaluation and varicocele surgery.

2. Dr. Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy

Dr. Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy is the Chairman and Founder of NU hospital who has also been serving as the Medical Director and Head of the Department of Urology with over 27 years of experience in this field. Working at NU Hospitals Bangalore he emphasizes that the entire hospital is for the sake of the patient. To his credit Dr. Venkatesh has received many awards including the prestigious Dr. B.C Roy Award and has been very passionate about patient care and delivery systems ensuring a high level of satisfaction to those seeking his services.

Best Hospital in Bangalore for Varicocele Surgery

The following are the best hospital in Bangalore for varicocele surgery:

1. Fortis Hospital Bangalore

The Fortis Hospital Bangalore is a 276 bedded multi-specialty tertiary care hospital which is a trusted institution in the field of healthcare and medical facilities. It specializes in cutting edge medical technology and dedicated patient care services with a large team of 150 experienced consultants and 1000 skillful para-medical staff. The Department of Urology at Fortis hospital Bangalore offers advanced urological care that is at par with the international standards.

2. Apollo Hospital Bangalore

Apollo Hospitals Bangalore offers a wide range of treatment options in the field of Urology. It mainly focuses on diagnosing and treating disorders of the urinary tract for both men and women. The Institutes of Urology& Andrology at Apollo Bangalore offers a full range of treatment options for complex urologic disorders and diseases. Our super specialists trained in Urology and Gynecology offers advance urologic treatments and the state of the art treatment options that ensure faster recovery, minimal blood loss, and less scarring enable the patients to return to their daily routine much faster than with the conventional methods. The surgeons also have vast experience in treating the male urological problems such as varicocele, erectile dysfunction, testicular and prostate cancer using the microsurgical techniques offering better recovery.

Who does help you in Varicocele Surgery in Bangalore?

Indian Medguru helps you to get varicocele surgery in Bangalore. Our group has been assisting the global patients seeking varicocele surgery Bangalore. Our services include:

  • Medical visa assistance to the patient, kin, arranging appointment with the doctor, stay, meals, travel, transport, etc.
  • Network of the highly skilled doctors and surgeons with extensive training and vast experience in performing the varicocele surgery
  • Association with the top hospitals in Bangalore with world class medical facilities offering high success rate of varicocele surgery Bangalore
  • Affordable cost varicocele surgery in Bangalore
  • Foreign exchange facility, language translators, etc.

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Minimum Cost of Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer in India

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Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer in India

With the improving and better treatment options for ovarian cancer such as the chemotherapy in India, the success and survival rates are increasing. In case if the cancer is diagnosed early, then the ovarian cancer surgery can bring the best results. There is a prevalent lack of knowledge among the woman towards ovarian cancer and the factors that leads to many undetected or late detected cases wherein treatment becomes difficult. Hence it is important that all women at risk should undergo regular screening. The risk of developing the ovarian cancer grows with age generally in women between the age group of 35-65 years are at higher risk. Moreover, if they have never had children or began ovulation at a younger age or reached menopause at an older age then the risk factor is higher.

Other factors that put women at higher risks includes fertility medicines, hormone therapy after menopause and obesity while hormonal birth control, breast feeding, tubal ligation decreases the risk of ovarian cancer in women. It is important to be more aware about the disease and take well informed treatment decisions to fight ovarian cancer. Indian Medguru Consultants offer minimum cost of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer in India.

How much does Chemotherapy Cost for Ovarian Cancer?

Chemotherapy Cost for Ovarian Cancer in India

The cancer medicines and procedures such as chemotherapy are expensive and most of us are not in a position to take the financial challenge especially in case there is no insurance cover. The cost of cancer treatment varies according to the hospitals and cities since every hospital has its own infrastructure, therapies, surgeon and other tests or examination facilities charges which finally add to the total ovarian cancer treatment cost in India. The cost of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer in India is approximately 1500 USDs to 2500 USDs depending on the doses and the drugs, type of cancer and the patients medical condition.

Success rate of Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer

The success rate of ovarian cancer treatment in India is around 92%.  Women who are diagnosed when they are younger than 65 years do better than the older women. In case the ovarian cancer is found and treated early at stages IA and IB before the cancer has spread outside the ovary then the five year relative survival rate if around 92%. However, only 15% of all the ovarian cancer are found at this early stage.

Why African Patients Choose Indian Medguru Consultants ?

Minimum Cost of Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer in India

Indian Medguru Consultants offer world class treatments at the top hospitals that are accredited by JCI. Patients from abroad chooses us for the following reasons:
  • Hospitals in India have the latest high end infrastructure and technology that helps in quick diagnosis and recovery
  • World’s most skilled and knowledgeable cancer surgeons and doctors in India with vast experience of working in the highly advanced cancer hospitals in the US and the UK
  • Best quality medicines for cancer care in India at low price for best results with world class cancer treatments in India
  • Well trained and English speaking hospital staff
  • Affordable cost of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer in India that provides you with savings up to 40-60 percent as compared to the cost of treatment in the US and the UK
  • Medical visa arrangements, stay, travel, transport and health meals.
Indian Medguru Consultants offers assistance to the global patients seeking chemotherapy for ovarian cancer in India. Our group has affiliations with various hospitals that are known for their state of the art amenities and sophisticated infrastructure. Our surgeons are internationally trained and have immense experience with knowledge of the most advanced technology. 

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Monday, 30 October 2017

Blood Cancer Treatment Cost in Tanzania Dollars

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Blood cancer is a cancer of the bone marrow and the blood. This is the most common type of childhood cancer. The blood cancer starts in the bone marrow from where the blood is produced. An uncontrolled growth of an abnormal type of blood cell interrupts the development process of a normal blood cell. These cancerous cells or the abnormal blood cells prevent the blood from performing the functions such as preventing the serious bleeding or fighting off the infections. Indian Medguru Consultants is a leading medical travel partner assisting the global patients including the Tanzanian nationals gets the affordable blood cancer treatment cost in Tanzania dollars.

Blood Cancer Treatment Cost in Tanzania Dollars

Blood Cancer Treatment Cost in Tanzania Dollars

The cancer medicines and procedures for blood cancer are quite expensive and most of the patients are not in a position to take this financial challenge especially when there is no insurance cover. The total expense for the blood cancer treatment in India is quite economical as compared to the cost of the treatments in the developed countries such as the UK and the US. 

The blood cancer treatment cost varies according to the hospitals and cities since every hospital has their own infrastructure, therapies, surgeons and other tests/examination facilities charges that finally add up to the total leukemia treatment cost. The approximate blood cancer treatment cost in Tanzania dollars for a cycle of chemotherapy at a private hospital may cost you around 2087457 to 33668669 in dollars. The cost will depend on the doses and drugs, blood cancer type and the condition of the patient.

The cost comparisons for the complicated procedures such as the blood cancer treatment in India includes everything related to the flight and hotel bills, hospital accommodation in a private and well equipped room with complete sanitation, the operating room fees, doctor’s fees, medications and nursing care.

Blood Cancer Treatment at Fortis Hospital India

Fortis Hospital is a leading hospital to offer oncology services such as blood cancer through our expert team of oncologists who are skilled in radiation therapy, medical and surgical oncology. We recognize that the Tanzanian patients have special needs and requirements; hence we strive to provide highly specialized services of world class quality. From the warmth of our greeting at the airport to your registration and discharge we provide unparalleled services at Fortis Hospital.

Success Rate of Blood Cancer Treatment in India

The success rate for the blood cancer treatment in India is good. The five year relative survival rate is 94.3 percent. There are a host of medical options which are available to the citizens of Tanzania travelling to India for the blood cancer treatment. All the specialist knowledge, advanced diagnostic equipment, medical talents and surgical tools in the world count for nothing id the commitment to deliver them in the best possible way to the patient is not there.

At Indian Medguru Consultants, we have network of the best Indian hospitals that are renowned for its effective and efficient services. We have been assisting the patients to get the affordable blood cancer treatment cost in Tanzania dollars at the best hospital in India. Our network of the best physicians in India is highly qualified, skilled and has vast experience in providing the blood cancer treatment to the patients. They have been also developing alternative approaches for treating certain types of blood cancer. If you are seeking a quick and free online consultation, fill up the Free Consultation form given on our website to know the blood cancer treatment cost in India. 

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Cheap Urology Surgery Delhi : World Class Healthcare Treatment & State of art Facility Hospitals

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Overview : Urology Surgery

Cheap Urology Surgery Delhi : World Class Healthcare Treatment

Before we talk about the Cheap Urology Surgery Delhi, we need to understand the surgery. Well, the Urology Surgery is basically a surgical specialty, which often focuses on diseases of the female along with the male urinary tracts and the male reproductive organs. The healthcare experts dealing with Cheap Urology Surgery Delhi are known as an urologist who all are required to study pediatrics, gynecology, internal medicine and several other specialties as one can find a number of clinical problems associated. 

The urinary tract in the women is known to open up in vulva while the urinary system among the men overlaps with the reproductive system. Both among the men and the women one can find the reproductive and urinary tracts very much close to each other and any ailment can also hamper the other. In India, Get Cheap Urology Surgery Delhi is popular for having one of the best doctors and surgeons involved in it giving the global patients including the ones who come from countries like Kenya a number of things. Well, time to dig in deep into this and get the crux of the same.

Understanding Urology Surgery

If you further elaborate the Cheap Urology Surgery Delhi, this surgical specialty is known to club the surgical problems and the management of the same along with fixing the congenital abnormalities, along with cancers and fixing the number of stress incontinence along with a number of non-surgical problems including the urinary tract infections and benign prostatic hyperplasia. The Urology is also at times linked to several medical fields like the gynecology, oncology, pediatric surgery, nephrology, gastroenterology, andrology and endocrinology. With the Cheap Urology Surgery Delhi the global patients including the ones from Kenya benefit the best who in search for a high quality and affordable healthcare services head to India.

Dr. Rupin Shah for Best Urology Surgery in India

Common Urology Surgery in India

The cheap Urology Surgery Delhi include several surgical procedures and some of these are as under:
  • Urologic Oncology: It is often concerned about the surgical treatment of malignant genitourinary diseases including the adrenal glands, kidneys, testicles and cancer of the prostate along with issues with organs like bladder, penis, testicles and ureters. Seeking the help of an oncologist/urologist are known to manage the advance stage of genitourinary cancer, which simply depends upon the cancer.
  • Pediatric Urology: This procedure deals with several Urologic disorders among the kids, which include the congenital abnormalities, cryptorchidism, enuresis,  underdeveloped genitalia, congenital abnormalities of the genitourinary tract and vesicoureteral reflux.
  • Female Urology: This cheap Urology Surgery Delhi is basically concerned with urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and overactive bladder. With the right knowledge of urodynamic skills and the female pelvic floor clubbed together can be called the best option required for diagnosing and treating all these disorders.
  • Neurology:  It is basically deals with fixing the nervous system that hampers the urinary system. The nerves, spinal cord and brain are called the key essential elements that takes care of the functions of the bladder. The  cheap urology surgery Delhi also deals with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury that hampers the lower urinary tract along with keeping inability to urinate and urinary incontinence.

Why to Choose Kenya Patients Cheap Urology Surgery Delhi?

Fortis Hospital Best Urology Surgery Delhi

The basic reason to consider it is because it is cheap and inexpensive. However, with cheap Urology Surgery Delhi, one cannot expect the quality of the surgery going down with the low cost. This has been specialty of the cheap Urology Surgery Delhi wherein more and more global patients are coming out with cheap Urology Surgery Delhi including the ones from Kenya for a wide range of healthcare services. They are treated at one of the best hospitals backed with state of art facilities and by top doctors who are both competitive and skilled. 

You do not have to wait for meeting Dr. Rupin Shah Best Urologist in India. We have fast track services for our patients. You can Email us For Fast Track Query Reply- or Call us For Immediate Appointment- +91-9370586696.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Attractive Packages on Infertility Treatment in India

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One in seven couples has problems conceiving with similar incidence in most countries irrespective of the level of country’s development. Infertility isn’t always a woman’s problem, instead both men and women may have problems causing it. Nearly one third of infertility cases are caused by women’s problems while another one third of it are due to man’s problems. There are other cases caused by a mixture of both male and female problems or some unknown problems.

Attractive Packages on Infertility treatment in India

It isn’t an easy thing to understand the plight of childless, married couples but we at Indian Medguru offer attractive packages on infertility treatment in India. Most couples cannot afford this treatment due to expensive prices at their native place. But we believe that no one should be deprived of this happiness due to money. Hence the cost of IVF treatment in India is quite reasonable. 

The services of treatments offered include In vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, Intra Uterine Insemination, Embryo Freezing Excess, Testicular Sperm Aspiration, and Assisted Hatching. During the treatment in India, you may enjoy excellent services by our dedicated team of doctors and other assisting staff. You can also opt for a vacation in India to explore the world-renowned destinations along with your treatment.

Infertility Treatment in India

It can be grouped as follows:

  • Medicines or Drugs to Improve Fertility
They are mainly used to help with ovulation that should occur about once in a month in women up until the menopause. This is when the ovary makes and releases an egg or ovum.
    • Clomifene
    • Metformin
    • Medicines containing Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone
    • Medicines containing Gonadtrophins
Discuss with your doctor before taking any medicine for infertility so that you are aware of the success rates, any potential side effects or risks and also the latest research and evidence for these medicines.

Infertility Treatment and Facilities in India

  • Surgical Treatments
The conditions wherein surgery may be an option include the following:
    • Endometriosis
    • Fallopian Tube Problems
    • Fibroids
    • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    • Cause of male infertility in which the sperm is being blocked due to an abnormality in the epididymis in the testis
  • Assisted Conception
    • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
    • Egg Donation
    • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
    • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
    • Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT)
    • Treatment for unexplained infertility that includes either stimulating ovulation using in vitro fertilization, Clomifene or intrauterine insemination.
    • Embryo donation
Other trements include supplements such as selenium, zinc and vitamin E supplements which are helpful for men having abnormal sperm countrs due to unknown cause. Nevertheless, the proof supporting the use of such supplements is quite a little weak.

Cost of Infertility Treatment in India

Being infertile can cost you millions considering the tests and treatment costs as there is no definite endpoint to this. Also budgeting for your medical expenses can be quite difficult. However, at Indian Medguru Consultants we offer affordable cost infertility treatment in India along with the presence of robust medical rehabilitation facilities for the international patients. Our tie-ups with the best hospitals and clinics across different cities in India ensure to provide highest quality services and care without compromising on the quality of infertility treatments offered in India that too at the most affordable rates.

See the table below for Attractive Packages on Infertility treatments in India:

India (USD)
Attractive Packages Up-to 30% OFF

The charges mentioned in the above table are subject to change depending on the medical problems and condition of the patient. These are not the final packages as the post-surgical complications also have a say in the actual bill.

Infertility treatment in India with Indian Medguru

Wrap Up

Infertility treatment in India with Indian Medguru is the most promising treatment for a wide range of international tourists coming from across the globe. The cost of infertility treatment in India is within budget and also available with the international class surgical facilities with quick medical appointments, medical care and services from the experienced infertility treatment experts. All these factors attract the infertile couples from abroad to schedule their treatment in India. 

See International Patients Testimonials of Infertility Treatment in Delhi - Affordable Medical Service with Indian Med Guru Consultants

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Benefits of Fibroid Removal Surgery Options in India: Affordable Packages and Assistance

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What is Fibroid Removal Surgery?

Benefits of Fibroid Removal Surgery Options in India

Before we talk about the Fibroid Removal Surgery Options in India, let’s understand this surgery. Well, the surgery is nothing but removal of the fibroids that are seen growing up over the uterus of women. The fibroids can be seen for the women only who are seen with child growing abilities and tend to grow the fibroids the most. The fibroid surgery is of different types and one of the popular types of surgery is Myomectomy, which deals with removing these tumors called fibroids without actually removing the uterus. As per reports, out of 10 women 5 of them are seen reported with this problem. Once you get it you need to consider the surgery without worrying much about the Fibroid Removal Surgery cost. After all the global patients can avail Fibroid Removal Surgery packages with greater affordability element.

Who is the Candidate for Fibroid Removal Surgery?

Before you think of considering the Fibroid Removal Surgery Options in India, you need to first understand whether you are eligible for the same or not. In other words, whether you really need the treatment for removing the fibroid of the same. The fact of the matter is with treatment of fibroids, you need to consider a couple of factors that have to be considered before choosing any of the Fibroid Removal Surgery packages. The treatment for fibroids would depend upon the patient’s age along with the medical conditions and the number of things like obstetric history and the kind of fibroid and its nature. Some of the common ways of choosing the treatment would depend upon the symptoms which include prolonged and excesses amount of menstrual bleeding, constant pain in the abdomen and lower back, you experience painful intercourse and too often urination or constipation.

Why Consider Fibroid Removal Surgery India?

Why Consider Fibroid Removal Surgery India

When it comes to choosing the Fibroid Removal Surgery Options in India, there are several reasons that make the stuff compulsory for one and all coming for the treatment from different nations. First and foremost you access the Fibroid Removal Surgery packages that come along with great affordability and high quality. This means if you are considering the treatment here you get the most affordable Fibroid Removal Surgery cost which is promised with high quality. So what are you waiting for, got get the best of out.

Acquire the Benefits of Fibroid Removal Surgery in India at low Price

One of the key benefits one can avail with the Fibroid Removal Surgery Options in India is the greater amount of affordability elements that can be availed at this place. The fact of the matter is with the Fibroid Removal Surgery packages  one can certainly avail the most competitive Fibroid Removal Surgery cost for the international patients, which bring them from all corners of the world. In fact, if you compare the Fibroid Removal Surgery cost in India with the same surgery in developed nations like US and the UK, you can find the difference tolling to one tenth of the same. However, the quality with low cost doesn’t really hamper. 

Best Service provider for Fibroid Removal Surgery Options in India: IndianMedguru

Best Service provider for Fibroid Removal Surgery Options in India

If you are looking for affordable and high quality Success rate of Fibroid Removal Surgery in India then you certainly need a competitive group in the form of Medical Tourism Company.  Your search for a highly competitive medical tourism company ends with IndianMedguru. With this group one can find the best of the Fibroid Removal Surgery packages which come along with high quality. Thus if you plan your surgery with this group you know one thing in common that  you end up in getting the most affordable Fibroid Removal Surgery cost for sure.

Patients Testimonials : Mrs. Ana from Sweden Successful done Fibroid Surgery in Delhi.