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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Dr. Rajesh Sharma - Complete Range of Pediatric Heart Care In India

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Overview: Heart Disease

Heart disease is hard enough while it strikes adults, however it may be in particular tragic in kids. There are many different types of heart problems in children. They include congenital heart defects, viral infections that have an effect on the heart, and even heart disorder acquired later in childhood because of illnesses or genetic syndromes. The good news is that with advances in remedy and technology, many children with heart disease go on to live lively, full lives.

Best Pediatric Heart Surgeon Dr Rajesh Sharma

Common Heart Conditions That Require Pediatric Heart Surgery
  • PDA
  • ASD
  • VSD
  • AV canal
  • Tricuspid Atresia
  • Pulmonary Atresia
  • Transposition of the great arteries
  • Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Double outlet right ventricle
  • Truncus Arteriosus
  • Coarctation of the aorta
  • Aortic stenosis
  • Hypoplastic left heart syndrome 

Symptoms of Pediatric Heart Disease

Extreme congenital coronary heart defects typically end up soon after birth or during the primary few months of life. Signs and symptoms could include:
  • Pale gray or blue skin color
  • Rapid breathing
  • Swelling in the legs, abdomen or regions across the eyes
  • Short breath while taking feedings, leading to poor weight gain

Treatments For Congenital Heart Disease

Congenital heart problems range from simple to complex. Some heart problems can be watched by your child's cardiologist and managed with medicines, while others will require heart surgery or cardiac catheterization — sometimes as soon as in the first few hours after birth. A child may even "grow out" of some of the simpler heart problems, such as patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) or atrial septal defect (ASD). These conditions may additionally resolve treatment on their own as the child grows. Other children could have more complex kinds of congenital heart ailment, or a mixture of different kinds, and require numerous operations or catheter interventions and ongoing care in the course of their lives.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma Top Child Heart Surgeon Committed To Your Child’s Heart

Best Pediatric Heart Surgeon Dr Rajesh Sharma has over 3 decades of robust experience in Pediatric medicine and pediatric respiratory diseases. He is best pediatric heart surgeon in India has an outstanding reputation for successfully handling the most complex cases of heart disease in children. He also serves as a worldwide referral and second opinion surgeon for patients of all ages with pediatric congenital heart disease (CHD). He prides himself on bringing together a team of experts who focus on individualized care for infants, kids and teens with heart defects. He is recognized for outstanding outcomes using state-of-the-art technology; he provides world-class surgical care to patients with heart defects, such as congenital heart disease, from babies to adults. He has performed more than 20,000 cardiac surgical procedures constituted by a mix of both adult and congenital heart diseases.

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Dr. Rajesh Sharma Gives Best Quality Of Pediatric Heart Care In India

Best Pediatric heart surgeon in India are counted among the most coveted cardiac surgeons within the world. The affordable cost of pediatric heart surgery in India and the hospitality of the scientific and paramedical staff are the two biggest reasons why parents prefer to choose India for heart surgical operation of their infant. Another crucial thing is the superior scientific results and achievement stories after pediatric heart surgery. This is the reason why India has now emerged as the clinical tourism hub for cardiac treatment. The best cardiology hospitals in India deal with patients from over 50 countries every year.

How To Get In Touch With Dr Rajesh Sharma Best Pediatric Heart Surgeon In India

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