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Thursday, 29 December 2016

India's Top Surgeon Successful Perform Fibroid Surgery of Tanzania Patient

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India's Top Surgeon Successful Perform Fibroid Surgery of Tanzania Patient

Mrs. Austin from Tanzania had got her fibroid surgery from the top fibroid surgeons in India through Indian Medguru. Here’s what she has to share about her experience of travelling to India through Indian Medguru Consultants who helped her with arrangements of the fibroid surgery from India’s top surgeon.

Hello, my name is Austin and I came from Tanzania to India for getting my fibroid surgery through the aid of 

When the fibroids grew back, my doctor recommended me to undergo the fibroid surgery since I am 40 years old and do not need to be worried if I cannot have any more children. Hence she suggested to considering undergoing fibroid surgery for my condition. However, considering lack of proper medical services and infrastructure and the high quality facilities at my native place, I started considering to get my fibroid surgery abroad where I could receive the highest quality medical services, facilities and care from the top fibroid surgeons in India.

I was searching for the fibroid surgery when I came across a pioneer medical tourism provider called Indian Medguru Consultants. I went through their website and found details and information about the fibroid surgery from the top fibroid surgeons in India. I also went through the international patient videos where they have shared their experience about undergoing the fibroid surgery through Indian Medguru Consultants. I filled up their free consultation form to know more about getting the surgery from the top fibroid surgeons in India.

My husband accompanied me for this entire medical trip to India.

Within a few days, a got a call from them asking me to send my detailed reports including my overall medical history so that it could be studied by their panel of medical experts. After which they will sent me the proper medical procedure and will help schedule my surgery from the top fibroid surgeons in India. I also got to talk with the surgeon who explained what to expect during the entire procedure. I was impressed with them and gave my confirmation for the surgery. 

A gentleman from IndianMedguru came to receive us at the airport and escorted us to the hotel near the hospital. The next day, we were taken to the Fortis Hospital Delhi India where we met the doctor. He was a kind person who again briefed us about the procedure which eased my anxieties and worries. The procedure lasted for an hour and a half and it went really well. I passed the day with rest and the cramps were just like the menstrual ones which didn’t last very long. The nurses were very caring and compassionate and looked after all my needs. 

The doctor and the hospital staff were very caring during my hospital stay.

It took me about a week or so to truly feel normal. Post surgery, my first period was normal and on time however, it seemed to be a bit heavier than usual. The next one came about a week and a half late and this was pretty much similar except symptoms as in the first one. The first MRI showed moderate reduction in the size of the fibroids and since then my uterus is going down a bit. Its been over four months and now I am feeling better. I want to extend my thanks to the top fibroid surgeons in India, Indian Medguru Consultants for aiding to get successful fibroid surgery and would definitely recommend anyone looking to have it get it done through your consultants in India.

Thanking You,
Austin, Tanzania

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Plan Your Leukemia Treatment in India (Blood Cancer) with Indian Medguru Consultants

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I am Mrs. Caroline Johnson from Nigeria. I was diagnosed with Leukemia Treatment in India (blood cancer treatment) at much affordable cost with No.1 Medical Tourism Company at Goa in India IndianMedguru Consultants.

The tangible amount of cost benefits for a high quality healthcare solutions make travelling to India for hordes of global patients rewarding. The Leukemia Treatment in India is supported with highly competitive oncologists and world class tumor hospitals. The doctors and cancer experts dealing with blood cancer are highly skilled and still have hordes of experience in the treatment. Similarly, the hospitals interacting with Leukemia Treatment in India( Blood Cancer ) are governed with state of art facilities.

India boasts as the top Leukemia Treatment in India hear by reason of of providing global patients high quality treatment option with lower cost. If you plan for the same ensure you go with the groups like Indian Med Guru, as it provides high quality blood cancer treatment cost in India with par quality.

If you are searching for Leukemia Treatment in India (Blood Cancer), the health concert tours company like Indian MedGuru can be a good option to go with.

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