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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

5 steps to fight Leukemia Cancer Treatment

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What is Leukemia Treatment?

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects blood cell formation and the lymphatic system. It can be classified by cell type, lymphoid or myeloid, and the rate of progression, acute or chronic. There are 4 main subtypes of leukemia: acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL), acute myeloid leukemia (AML), chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL), and chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). ALL and AML progress rapidly and therefore require more aggressive treatment to improve the life expectancy of the patient, whereas CLL and CML progress slowly over time and may go undiagnosed for years.

Who needs Leukemia Treatment?

Leukemia occurs whilst the DNA of immature blood cells, specifically white cells, turns into damaged in some manner. This can be suspected if you have certain risks or concerning signs and symptoms. Your doctor will begin with a complete history and physical examination, but leukemia can’t be fully diagnosed by a physical exam. Instead, doctors will use blood tests, biopsies, and imaging tests to make a diagnosis.

What Are the Leukemia Treatment Options?

The following are treatment options for leukemia:
Chemotherapy is the prime treatment for many sorts of leukemia.
Stem cell transplant may be an option for some people younger than 55 years of age.
Radiation therapy is most often used to prevent leukemia from spreading to, or treat leukemia that has spread to, the central nervous system. It is also used to prepare the bone marrow for stem cell transplant.
Targeted treatment is provided for some sorts of leukemia.

Watchful waiting is a treatment alternative for some people with chronic lymphocyte leukemia.

Supportive therapy is given to tackle the anticipated complications of the leukemia and its treatments.
A life-changing story of Sabiya Alaoui from Qatar, UAE undergoing bone marrow transplant in India

How long does it take lead a Normal Life after Leukemia Treatment?

Considerable advances in the treatment of leukemia cancer suggest that growing numbers of people are being cured in their sickness. Most people look ahead to the end of treatment as a time when they can re-enter life and re-set up a ‘normal’ life. While for most of the people life will become a lot less complicated while treatment finishes, it is also a length where significant adjustments have to be made.

What is the Life Expectancy after a Leukemia Treatment?

Survival rates can deliver person more details about the outlook for their illness and help them to devise treatment and care. However, survival rates are only ever an estimate. To find survival rates, five years later, they look at data on the same group of people. The percentage of people in that group who are still living with the disease 5 years on is the survival rate.

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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Indian Med Guru Offers Low cost Fibroid Surgery packages in India for USA Patients

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Overview: Fibroid Surgery

Fibroids can be defined as a non-cancerous tumor that originates from the smooth muscle layer and is related to the connective tissue of the uterus. The fibroids are usually benign tumors and are observed in females generally during middle and later stages of the reproductive years. Though the majority of fibroids are asymptomatic, they may be seen growing and causing heavy and very painful menstruation period along with a very painful sexual intercourse experience. There can be other issues like urinary frequency and urgency and some fibroids may be even seen obstructing the pregnancy phase. Uterine sarcoma is the particular issue, which can be called as the cancer of uterine muscle; however, this condition is very rare, occurring in one or less patient per thousand who have the surgery for fibroids.

In case one has multiple, deep or large fibroids, the doctor has to perform surgical treatment to remove such fibroids. Open abdominal surgery could relieve from the pain. However, it could question the future fertility. In very severe cases, hysterectomy is carried-out to remove the uterus.

Affordable Fibroid Surgery Packages for USA Patients

During the research on fibroid surgery, few patients came across the fact that India is the most preferred destination for the cost-effective fibroid surgery. The number of women visiting India for the treatment of fibroid is increasing every year. The fibroid surgery treatment in India costs around Rs 1,30,000 (US$1850) – Rs 1,80,000 (US$2500), which is very much affordable as compared to USA including all the amenities like world-class hospital, top surgeons and doctors with trained medical staff and nurse and also the travel allowances. In USA the cost of treatment ranges from Rs 20, 30,000 (US$28947) – Rs 30, 00,200 (US$42782).

Why the USA Patients Choose Fibroid Surgery in India?

Medical tourism is fast becoming a popular option for patients seeking wide variety of medical treatments. It is already hugely in demand while the concept can be overwhelming to the one who has never considered leaving their country for surgery.

Medical tourism in India offers low cost fibroid surgery in India for USA patients. Thousands of female patients visit India for their fibroid surgery under the best fertility surgeons who have wide experience and proficiency in this field. When compared, the cost of fibroid surgery in India is 30%-40% lower than USA without any question on quality and dedication of the surgeons and the hospital. Fibroid surgery in India is provided at top hospitals at affordable cost by inter-disciplinary teams of surgeons who deliver superior quality of surgery combined with active commitment to the personalized care in an ambience of convenience and comfort. There are several benefits of fibroid surgery in India which are not just limited to the medical treatment; in fact advanced medical facilities combined with the Indian hospitality ensure that the journey to India is hassle free.

Medical Services Offered by Indian Med Guru Consultants

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