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Friday, 30 September 2016

Brain Tumor Surgery in India : Complete Guide

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Brain Tumor Surgery in India : Complete Guide

Brain tumor surgery is the first step for treating most benign and malignant tumours. It is performed by experienced surgeons at the top Indian Hospitals at low cost. Indian Medguru consultants assists the international patients seeking low cost brain tumor surgery in India.

Causes of Brain Tumor

The causes of brain tumour in most people is not clear, However, doctors have identified some factors which increases the risk of a brain tumor. The risk factors are gender, some genetic conditions, age, home/ occupational exposures, electromagnetic fields, exposure to infections, allergens and viruses, head injury and seizures, Ionizing radiation, diet consisting N-nitroso compounds and exposure to nerve agents.

Symptoms of Brain Tumor

Symptoms of Brain Tumor
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Symptoms are brain tumor are general or specific. General symptoms of brain tumors are seizures, nausea or vomiting, headaches which are severe or may worsen with activity in the early morning, vision changes such as blurred vision, personality or memory changes. Specific symptoms of the brain tumor are loss of balance and difficulty with the fine motor skills, partial or complete loss of vision, pressure or headache near the tumor, changes in judgement, sluggishness, loss of initiative, muscle weakness or paralysis, altered perception of touch or pressure, confusion with left and right side of the body, arm or leg weakness on one side of the body, changes in speech, hearing, emotional state of memory such as aggressiveness and problems understanding or reviewing words, lactation, altered menstrual periods, inability to look upward, growth in hands and feet in adults.

Types of Brain Tumor

The types of brain tumor are more than 100. For practical purpose, the types of brain tumor are divided into glioma and non-glioma types of tumors. The types of gliomas are oligidendroglioma, astrocytoma, mixed tumors, brain stem glioma, ependymomas. The types of non-glioma tumours are acoustic schwannoma, meningioma, medulloblastoma, craniopharyngioma and primary CNS lymphoma.

The pineal and pituitary glands which are located near the base of the brain are location to about seven percent of all the brain tumors and about five percent of the brain tumors cannot be assigned an exact type.

What is Cost of Brain Tumor Surgery in India?

The cost of brain tumor surgery in India is about 60-80% lower than the prevailing cost of the surgery in the developed nations such as the USA. Even after considering all the travel expense into account, the comprehensive medical tourism package offered by the Indian Medguru Consultants will help you saving thousands of dollars for the major procedures.

Brain Tumor Surgery in India with Indian Medguru

Brain Tumor Surgery in India with Indian Medguru

The brain tumor surgery in India with Indian Medguru attracts many international patients from across the globe to undergo their surgery at top class medical facilities at affordable costs. Our network of the top class medical expertise in India offer high end surgeries at higher success rates pertaining to various diseases such as the brain tumour.

We have tied up with the best cancer hospitals across different locations in India that are well equipped with the most advanced medical treatments for brain tumour healing techniques. At Indian Medguru Consultants, we ensure to deliver quality treatment to the global patients at the best hospitals with the most extensive neuro diagnostic and imaging facilities in Asia. We provide personalised care and comprehensive attentions to our patients thereby offer excellent services besides the world class standards of brain tumour surgery at very low costs to everyone.

If you are seeking the low cost brain tumor surgery in India, you can get in touch with Indian Medguru Consultants, the leading medical tourism provider in India. 

Monday, 12 September 2016

How To Choose Doctors for Blood Cancer Treatment Hospital in India?

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The doctors for blood cancer treatment hospital in India can be found at Indian Medguru Consultants. The top hospitals for the leukemia treatment in India are well equipped with the advanced technologies required for the blood cancer treatments. We have the top doctors and staff who impart excellent medical services and care to the patients. We provide utmost care and boost the mental strength of the international patients seeking blood cancer treatment in India.

Our association with the world class blood cancer treatment hospitals in India are located at Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kerala, Noida, Gurgaon, etc. The blood cancer treatment depends on the type of leukemia, the extent of the disease, certain features of the leukemic cells and whether they have been treated before. The biological therapy is treatment with the substance which affects the immune system’s response to the blood cancer. A drug called as an Interferon is used against some types of leukemia which is a form of the biological therapy.

The biological therapy uses the immune system of the body to fight the cancer by using the antibodies for targeting and destroying the leukemia cells. The chemotherapy is given in cycles in which a treatment period is followed by a recovery period and so on. It destroys the cancer cells by stopping them from multiplying. During this, some of the healthy cells are destroyed as well but normal cells are able to repair themselves post treatment. The different types of drugs are used for treating different types of leukemia. Radiation therapy, surgery and the bone marrow transplants are other blood cancer treatments performed by the highly qualified and experienced doctors at the hospitals in India.

The benefits of getting leukemia treatment in India include the availability of the specialist knowledge, the advanced diagnostic equipment, medical talents and the surgical tools. The doctors for blood cancer treatment are committed to deliver the best possible medical treatments for the patients travelling from across different parts of the world. The hospitals in India are renowned to deliver effective and efficient services and most patients from different countries get their diagnosis at their home town and are already recommended the course of treatment before searching and choosing the doctors for blood cancer treatment hospital in India. Additionally, we offer the low cost blood cancer treatment in India as compared to that offered by the private hospitals across the US and the UK.

Doctors in India are developing alternative approaches for treating certain type sof blood cancer which will help to eliminate the need for a transplant. The total cost of leukemia treatment in India is quite affordable compared to that offered by the developed countries such as the UK & the USA. The price comparison for the blood cancer treatment in India is almost only a fraction of what would cost in other developing nations. At Indian Medguru consultants, we have association with the doctors and hospitals providing the blood cancer treatment in India. We help our international patients with the hotel bills, flight, the hospital accommodation, the operation room fees and medications, the well equipped room with complete sanitation, doctors fees and the nursing care.

The rate of blood cancer has not changed instead more patients are surviving longer due to the advances in the blood cancer treatments. The five year survival rate has improved for most patients. Contact Indian Medguru Consultants by filling up the free consultation form and we will help you choose the best doctors in India for the blood cancer treatment in India. 

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