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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Indian Medguru Consultant - We Bring Good Health to You

Indian Medguru Consultants is a medical tourism company providing impeccable services to international patients for over a decade. Providing treatment for different health conditions like infertility, lymphoma, leukemia, uterine fibroids, urine leakage incontinence, the group has created a legacy in facilitating excellent healthcare options laced with holistic practices, at extremely affordable rates. The cost-efficiency offered by the company is another reason following the top-rated surgeries, that patients from around the world are attracted towards the Indian company with several medical complaints. The group provides other services like, first no obligation free consultation from our top surgeons, providing accommodation, health meals, aid in recovery, and in planning a vacation suitable for the patient’s health. The company is the end where several small fragments of a perfect medical tourism unit’s traits come together and form a strong knot keeping the patients secured and healed.

Treatment facilities : 

Indian Medguru Consultants provides a wide array of healthcare options ranging from fibroid surgery to infertility treatment. Given the ancient history of science and medicine in India, technology has added to the efficacy and reliability of the medical care with highly qualified and well trained human resources to offer best possible treatments. The team assists international patients receive medical help with Leukaemia, Brachytherapy, Lymphoma, Urine Leakage Incontinence, fibroids, infertility among many others. The group also offers holistic healing procedures like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yogasana and spa facilities in combination with the primary care to reach the results faster and for the long term.
  • Brachytherapy Surgery in India : is a procedure in which radioactive material is injected inside or near the tumor. The surgery requires latest hi-tech equipment, available with hospitals in India.
  • Infertility Treatment in India : is the biological inability to contribute to conception. Here a couple faces problems in conceiving, or getting pregnant even after one year of regular sexual intercourse without any use of birth control.
  • Leukemia Treatment in India : is the unnatural or immature growth of cells in the blood vessels, hindering the normal functioning of the blood. It can it treated with bone marrow transplant from a parent.
  • Lymphoma Treatment in India : is the cancer of the lymph nodes, our disease-fighting network. The affected lymphocytes lose infection-fighting capacity, making a person vulnerable to infection.
  • Fibroid Surgery in India : Fibroid are the abnormal growth of mass outside or on the womb lining. They are generally non-cancerous but some can turn cancerous with time.
The consultants team provides other vital facilities like
  • Arranging patient’s treatment at medical units with quality treatment
  • Tailor-made packages
  • Arranging flight tickets, visa and accommodation
  • Co-ordinating treatment and correspondence with the doctors
  • Support to the kin back home
  • Arranging recovering holidays
  • Best state-of-the-art facilities/technologies
  • Significant savings
  • No waiting lists
  • Supreme quality of service

Finding reliable medical help in a foreign country is difficult, specially when the best are spread across  major metropolitans like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad among others. IndianMedguru helps international patients access the best doctors and other medical practitioners in India. The team is the most sought after medical tourism company in India offering healthcare services to patients from around the world in India. Budget constraint is another feature keeping the healthcare in India at the top of the chart. 

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  1. Hello, This is Ebele Oswal from Tanzania,

    I want to consult my back pain with best doctors in India, I here about your service at Fortis Hospital via the leading medical service provider IndianMedguru Consultants many international patients done there surgeries at Goa, Mumbai and Bangalore. Please sir send me quote for that, I am ready to fly and get urgent surgery at Goa India.

    Thanks in Advanced