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Friday, 6 February 2015

Low Cost Infertility Treatment in India by Experienced Surgeons

Today many infertile couples are coming to India for getting infertility treatment. Most of them are happy with the provisions of low cost infertility treatment. According to World Health Organisation infertility is defined as the inability of a man or woman to conceive a child. A couple is declared to be infertile if it is not successful in conceiving a child even after performing sexual intercourse for one year without using any contraceptive method.    

A couple is considered to be infertile due to reproductive disorders present in a man or woman or even in both. Assisted Reproductive Technology is the general term that is used for treatment of infertility. This method refers to obtaining pregnancy by artificial or partially artificial means. 

International statistics say that nearly 40 million couples all around the world become victims of infertility disorder along with emotional breakdown. This disappointment is seen in couples due to infertility that leaves negative effect on their health, life style as well as relationships. Infertility is more than a mere disorder therefore treatment of disorder of infertility in India has gained great significance.

What is the main cause of infertility? Is the lifestyle of infertile couples has to be rendered responsible or is there something beyond their control. Infertility results are due to many reasons including diabetes, hereditary disorders, adrenal disorders and environmental factors. In females infertility emerges due to uterine problems, tubal blockage and ovulation problems. In male persons infertility is due to low quantity and quality of sperm count.

Infertility treatment specialists also recommend using conception cap or cervical cap. The sperms are stored in the can and conception device is fixed on the cervix. The procedure of intra uterine insemination is commonly used by infertility cure surgeons in whom they insert the sperm into the uterus during the process of ovulation. In these methods fertilisation takes place in the body of females.  

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