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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Where to Get the Best Tubal Ligation Surgery India?


Tubal Ligation Surgery India with Indianmedguru Consultants

The tubal ligation surgery India is a surgical form of sterilization which is done for permanent sterilization in women. It involves the blocking of the fallopian tubes by tying, sealing or attaching a ring or a clip. The fallopian tubes are structures of the female reproductive system which plays the role to carry the fertilised ovum to the uterus and since the path is blocked in the tubal ligation, the sperm cannot reach the ovum. Hence pregnancy cannot take place.

Who is a Candidate for Tubal Ligation Surgery India?

The candidate for tubal ligation surgery India are those women who look for a permanent form of birth control. This procedure to make a woman sterile is every effective to prevent pregnancy with a failure rate being as low as 0.4%.

Types  of  Tubal Ligation Surgery India

There are many type of tubal ligation surgery India such as:

  • Mini-laparotomy
  • Laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery
  • Open tubal ligation surgery
What to Expect Before, During and After Surgery?

What to Expect Before, During and After Surgery?

Before undergoing tubal ligation surgery India, the doctor will offer a complete medical examination and evaluate the overall health and medical history. You will be asked to undergo additional tests such as lab tests and X-rays. The surgeon will review the potential risks and benefits of the surgery and ask you to sign a consent form. Inform your doctor if you have allergies to any medications, whether you have bleeding problems or what medication you are taking. Carefully follow the instructions of the surgeon, to help your surgery go more smoothly and aid in early recovery.

Based on the conditions of your surgery, you will be asked to completely empty your colon and cleanse the intestine before surgery. You will be requested to drink clear liquids only for one or several days before the surgery. Stop eating or drinking post midnight, the night before surgery except the medications which are doctors has told you are permissible to take with a sip of water in the morning of the surgery.

You will be asked to stop smoking at least six weeks before surgery as it would otherwise delay healing. Plan your care and recovery post surgery.

Recovery and Success Rate of  Tubal Ligation Surgery India

Medical Procedure
USA ($)
UK ($)
India ($)
Laparoscopic Surgery
Open Tubal Ligation Surgery

The recovery of tubal ligation surgery India will involve you experiencing shoulder pain, tiredness, cramps, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain along with bloating and fatigue. Some of you may experience soreness of throat due to general anesthesia. You will be prohibited to perform strenuous activities for the initial 24 hours.

The recovery time post surgery will last for five to six days and this period will vary as per several factors such as healing ability of the body, pain tolerance and anesthesia used. Soreness in the wound is normal and pain will be eliminated using the painkillers. It poses no risk in the hormonal levels and menstrual cycle.

It is a safe procedure, if you do not want more children and involves quick recovery time with no changes in menstrual cycle or levels of hormones and are very effective.
As per recent studies, the success rate of tubal ligation surgery India is over 99 percent. The success rate of this surgery also depends on the surgeon’s experience, age of the patients and the types of tubal ligation surgery.

Benefits and risks of  Tubal Ligation Surgery India

Benefits and risks of  Tubal Ligation Surgery India

The benefits are:

  • Permanent birth control
  • Allows sexual spontaneity
  • Immediately effective
  • Not messy
  • Cost effective in the long run
  • Requires no daily attention
The risks of this surgery may develop in one to two percent of the cases which are performed through the abdomen and in two percent to 13 percent in the surgery being performed via the vagina. The risks includes:

  • Anaesthesia related problems
  • Infection
  • Injury to the bowel or bladder
Planning Your Medical Trip to India is a Very Simple Process with Indian Med Guru Consultants
Planning Your Medical Trip to India with Indian Med Guru Consultants

The tubal ligation surgery India is performed by highly qualified, skilled doctors and surgeons at the top hospitals in India. They uses the latest techniques, modern technologies and equipment. Get in touch with Indian Medguru is a medical value partner offering assistance to the international patients seeking the low cost tubal ligation surgery India from the best surgeons and doctors in the country. 

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