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Monday, 30 October 2017

Blood Cancer Treatment Cost in Tanzania Dollars


Blood cancer is a cancer of the bone marrow and the blood. This is the most common type of childhood cancer. The blood cancer starts in the bone marrow from where the blood is produced. An uncontrolled growth of an abnormal type of blood cell interrupts the development process of a normal blood cell. These cancerous cells or the abnormal blood cells prevent the blood from performing the functions such as preventing the serious bleeding or fighting off the infections. Indian Medguru Consultants is a leading medical travel partner assisting the global patients including the Tanzanian nationals gets the affordable blood cancer treatment cost in Tanzania dollars.

Blood Cancer Treatment Cost in Tanzania Dollars

Blood Cancer Treatment Cost in Tanzania Dollars

The cancer medicines and procedures for blood cancer are quite expensive and most of the patients are not in a position to take this financial challenge especially when there is no insurance cover. The total expense for the blood cancer treatment in India is quite economical as compared to the cost of the treatments in the developed countries such as the UK and the US. 

The blood cancer treatment cost varies according to the hospitals and cities since every hospital has their own infrastructure, therapies, surgeons and other tests/examination facilities charges that finally add up to the total leukemia treatment cost. The approximate blood cancer treatment cost in Tanzania dollars for a cycle of chemotherapy at a private hospital may cost you around 2087457 to 33668669 in dollars. The cost will depend on the doses and drugs, blood cancer type and the condition of the patient.

The cost comparisons for the complicated procedures such as the blood cancer treatment in India includes everything related to the flight and hotel bills, hospital accommodation in a private and well equipped room with complete sanitation, the operating room fees, doctor’s fees, medications and nursing care.

Blood Cancer Treatment at Fortis Hospital India

Fortis Hospital is a leading hospital to offer oncology services such as blood cancer through our expert team of oncologists who are skilled in radiation therapy, medical and surgical oncology. We recognize that the Tanzanian patients have special needs and requirements; hence we strive to provide highly specialized services of world class quality. From the warmth of our greeting at the airport to your registration and discharge we provide unparalleled services at Fortis Hospital.

Success Rate of Blood Cancer Treatment in India

The success rate for the blood cancer treatment in India is good. The five year relative survival rate is 94.3 percent. There are a host of medical options which are available to the citizens of Tanzania travelling to India for the blood cancer treatment. All the specialist knowledge, advanced diagnostic equipment, medical talents and surgical tools in the world count for nothing id the commitment to deliver them in the best possible way to the patient is not there.

At Indian Medguru Consultants, we have network of the best Indian hospitals that are renowned for its effective and efficient services. We have been assisting the patients to get the affordable blood cancer treatment cost in Tanzania dollars at the best hospital in India. Our network of the best physicians in India is highly qualified, skilled and has vast experience in providing the blood cancer treatment to the patients. They have been also developing alternative approaches for treating certain types of blood cancer. If you are seeking a quick and free online consultation, fill up the Free Consultation form given on our website to know the blood cancer treatment cost in India. 

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